Cut & Dry Pet Salon
All Breed Dog & Cat Grooming
5270 N. 59th Ave #3 Glendale, AZ 85301

Your four-legged friend is in the best of hands.

Salon Owner - Levi
Levi is a second generation salon owner with over 15 years experience in the pet grooming industry. He likes working with the large breeds of dogs and also cats. He has two Miniature Schnauzers, a brother and sister named Loki and Luna which you may occasionally see at the salon.  
Salon Manager - Erin
Erin has five years of experience as a pet grooming stylist, working with both dogs and cats. She has exceptional pet handling skills and loves to pamper your little furry friends! Erin goes above and beyond in serving each one of our clients, with precision she hones in on their specific needs and offers suggestions that will be beneficial to their pets. She has rescued two dogs and two cats which she loves dearly. 

Receptionist - Ruth
Ruth has 17 years of experience in the animal services industry, with over 15 years experience in pet grooming. She prides herself in offering exceptional customer service to each client that walks through our doors. She is a mother to six: 3 children, 2 medium-size dogs, and a grumpy old kitty! 

Pet Grooming Stylists 

Our groomers are the best of the best. We wouldn't put your pet in the hands of anyone who wasn't. Everyone who brandishes a pair of clippers has undergone rigorous training. It's how we deliver on our promise of complete  customer satisfaction.

What's more, every groomer in our salon has a passion for their work. They all love animals and are committed to giving each client a delightful experience (and maybe even a treat). You just won't find dedication like this at other pet salons! Come check us out... :)

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