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Our Grooming Services

Here at Cut & Dry Pet Salon, we believe in providing our customers with a high quality of service at a cost-efficient price! We offer three levels of grooming packages, as well as some a la carte services, so there is a variety of different services to suit every pet's needs.

Our basic "Bath & Brush" package includes:
  • Toenail trimming
  • Ear cleaning
  • Ear hair plucking, if necessary
  • Hydrosurge massaging bath
  • Blow drying 
  • Brush and fluff
  • Fragrance spray
  • Bandanna or Bows
Our "Trim" package (includes all of the Bath and Brush services, as well as these additional services):
  • "Sanitary" trimmed
  • Face trimmed
  • Excess hair on pads of feet trimmed
  • Hair around paws trimmed
Our "Full Service Grooming" package consists of all of the previously listed services, plus:
  • Your choice of a complete hair cut - either breed standard or a custom design especially for your pet!

We also have two add-on packages, to be used in conjunction with our three main packages. Depending on what your individual pet needs, we offer:

Our "Premium" add-on package includes: ($10 extra)
  • Premium shampoo
  • Premium conditioner
  • Tooth brushing & breath freshening spray

Our "Flea & Tick" add-on package includes: ($10 extra)

  • Flea & tick shampoo
  • Spot-on tick treatment (protects dogs from fleas & ticks for 30-days)
  • Tooth brushing & breath freshening spray

We also offer a number of other additional a la carte services here at Cut & Dry Pet Salon... such as:

    Toenail trimming ($6 solo)
    Toenail filing - includes toenail trimming ($10 solo, or $5 extra)
    Nail & ear package ($10 solo)
    Tooth brushing ($5)


We believe that more is better. That's why we offer the widest array of services anywhere. Mixing and matching to suit your pet's needs is our specialty. And because every pet has its own unique grooming challenges, we offer free no-obligation consultations.

Experts agree that it's a great idea to introduce your pet to fine grooming as early as possible-- please just make sure to get a minimum of their first two sets of shots at your vet before you bring your little one in.

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